The Specifics of a Semiconductor Technician’s Job Description

What are semiconductors? Tiny electronic systems more commonly known as computer chips, microchips and integrated circuits are also referred to as semiconductors. Most of these items can be found in cell phones, video games, computers, appliances and other products.

What is a Semiconductor Technicians Job Description? These highly skilled people are responsible for the manufacture of semiconductor wafers or disks which are cut into computer chips. One piece of semiconductor wafer is cut into several pieces of chips to form a circuitry.

To conduct electricity into the microscopic wafers they are etched with patterns with the use of acids and metal fillers. The Semiconductor Technician will give another chemical bath on the wafer then apply a new layer of microscopic circuitry. Up to 20 layers of circuitry is used to complete the process of the production of a semiconductor in order for it to function correctly. If done incorrectly, the chips can be ruined by airborne matter. The entire production is done in “cleanrooms”.

Semiconductor Technicians wear special lightweight garments over their clothes to ensure that there won’t be any contamination in the process of production. The Semiconductor Technician is familiar with the issues of not wearing the proper attire upon entering the “cleanroom”. His knowledge and training is the greatest asset he can contribute to your business.

Though this is a very technical job a college degree is not required for this position. A high school diploma from a community college or a certificate course from a technical school will suffice. A lot of companies and corporations offer apprenticeships and further training in the field of Semiconductor Technology. The basic educational background you will need to be successful in this career is to take up a lot of math and electronic classes. To get ahead in your position, be willing to further your studies and take up a lot of additional classes and training as a Semiconductor technician.


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