Holodynamics – A Simple and Profound Alchemic Approach For Transforming the Mind

I would like to share with you a very powerful form of consciousness work called Holodynamics. First a brief background on how I came to this work.     In my practice I work with very challenged individuals. The patterns that cause illness on all levels are quite deep and usually clouded in confusion, stagnation and imbalance. We separate from the problem, give it a name and want a cure. Even with the most sublime techniques and practices there is information that roots deeply within the mind that is so difficult to access and transform. For those who have awakened to this simple truth, they begin searching for ways to access deep within their own consciousness to create transformation. Most who suffer deeply know the confusion, fear, anger and hopelessness of trying to resolve their issues. 

Trauma: the root of all evil  

I have always stated that trauma is the root of all evil. Trauma by definition would not be trauma if it completed its resolution process. The world is a reflection of unresolved trauma and the furthering harmful attempts to mask its origins within each and every one of us. Unresolved trauma keeps one in pain and causes pain around us.   In my holistic practice, I explain to my clients that unresolved trauma can be around for thirty years yet time is really an illusion. It means that for thirty years you haven’t been able to access the skills to get resolution.  

In my practice I learned how to access deep within the energetic body as this is the core reflection of one’s state of health on all levels. Over and over again emotional trauma would reveal itself and so I sought more skillful means to bring resolution at this core level. I studied many approaches to working at the mind including various forms of psychotherapy, hypnosis, shamanic work and meditation. My intuitive gifts both in music and hands on healing drew me towards energy psychology modalities such as heart math, eft, tappas acupuncture, aromatherapy, bach flowers, color and sound therapies, energetic nutritional strategies, movement therapies, etc. As a body worker I found energy systems such as shiatsu, traggering, polarity, chakra/energy body clearing techniques and core synch (a deeper version of cranial sacral) very helpful. I came to see deeply how the mind could alter the energetic body and even with skillful loving rebalancing and incredible success I realized I needed more profound access into the depths of consciousness. I was looking for a tool that accessed both the energetic body and one that could go deep into the mind itself. Body work for the mind. How was it possible knowing how persistent and stuck the mind becomes to access and transform those deepest traumas that I knew existed in dimensions of consciousness that seemed inaccessible?  

Can one go beyond thought and the energetic body and enter a much deeper dimension of reality. Can one have a deeper lens into consciousness itself and transform the consciousness body itself. We might meditate and quiet the mind, but get triggered and the harmful patterns of consciousness return.  There is an old Buddhist saying regarding how to approach the problem of suffering.  A Buddhist takes a hair and sticks in his eye where most feel it as though it is in their hand. The key here is that what we perceive as trauma is an amazing opportunity to resolve suffering at its core, to go into it and solve the problem. What are the skills one needs to accomplish this?   

Trauma is a reflection of unresolved consciousness forms that you associate as yourself so now you sense yourself being that form with all it’s suffering.   Consciousness itself contains many forms that are stuck and can’t resolve their own condition.  Holodynamics teaches us how to enter into the heart of unresolved consciousness forms (downdraft holodynes) and transform them into helpful forms that serve our greatest good. Using a skillful and loving dialectical process, we learn how to locate and emerge these stealth like holodynes, get to know them for the very first time (some are quite ancient) and then help them transform.   These holodynes contain information as old (and new) as consciousness itself and can originate from any form of consciousness across time and multi-dimensionally. They like us have needs and wants. Holodynes can reflect our deepest fears and issues. Leaping through hyperspace, a holodyne can literally take over our sensory system in an instant affecting our thoughts and feelings and beyond. When we can’t find a way out of a problem these forms come into the depths our minds trying to assist us.

Even though these holodynes intend to help us, their actions are often harmful as they really don’t possess the skills to do the job. You might look at them as consciousness relatives and we all know the trouble that comes with relatives. So we suffer from their limited primitive intelligence. These downdraft holodynes are lost and we become burdened by their futile attempts to assist us thereby feeling great pain. We over identify with these downdraft holodynes because they literally take over our entire system in an overwhelming fashion.   

Why is Holodynamics such a powerful healing modality?  

Downdraft holodynes are hard to access, very resistant and most people when approaching these forms feel tremendous discomfort. Vernon Woolf, the founder of Holodynamics, has created a methodology called “Tracking,” which allows one to access and transform their darkest entities without getting sucked into intense negative drama. No easy task. With most work you are running for the hills once you start to engage these entities. Or you are dragging them off by their heels so you can feel protected and safe. So what if you can truly turn these dark beings into loving helpers? Two very critical pieces allow this to happen. One learns how to gain spiritual assistance in a very pragmatic way (anyone can do this) and one learns that these demonic like thought forms just like any other being have a logic to their actions and need help. You learn to see that the darkest holodynes all have a positive intent. The information these holodynes reveal will transform your very understanding of yourself at a very deep level. Discovering their origins and purpose is illuminating. What if you could transform your demons into allies? What if all along you have been not seeing their healing intent and in fact they have been misunderstood for a very long time? What is critical, regardless of your belief system, is that these entities take a seat deep in the mind and will not transform unless we can learn to access them with love and understanding and help them potentialize their deepest intent. And that intent once truly discovered is always positive and healing. In Holodynamics we seek the positive intent of all consciousness forms and help those that are acting in a harmful manner find what they truly seek and assist them to transform into new healings forms. Consciousness itself continually seeks resolution.   

The second part of the work is most crucial. One learns to access their spiritual potential and allow it to do the work of transformation. This work teaches one to discover problem solving at a whole new level. From a superpostitional place of peace you discover your spiritual self, your Full Potential Self, and begin to realize your true healing potential. With your guides and Full Potential Self in charge you are able to solve the most entrenched issues of your life. Once you experience one or two “trackings” you understand that you now are able to reach deep within your mind and transform the most painful parts of yourself. The beauty of this work is that it works. It gets in and starts clearing one by one the most entrenched alchemic patterns of the mind and the mind begins to see it’s true potential and renews and reorganizes itself. You come into alignment with your Full Potential Self. You discover the light within the darkness and with the help of the light transform darkness into light.  

Drawing from the latest breakthroughs in physics, Holodynamics creates a new framework to understand the nature of consciousness itself. There are many books on the subject. To start I would suggest “The Dance of Life” or “Holodynamics” by Victor Vernon Woolf. Dr. Woolf spent many years as a psychotherapist seeking better ways to help his patients and the most challenged populations in need of assistance. His success with drug populations, mental patients and prison inmates is well documented. He worked in Russia for many years helping to facilitate ending the cold war and has also worked in the Middle East. Holodynamics has been taught to thousands of people and does not require the need for an ongoing therapist. This reminds me of Dr. Bach wanting his flower remedies to be available to every household, not just doctors. Once one experiences this work they can learn it and share it with friends and family members. You can create your own healing group and have an ongoing way to assist one another and transform consciousness at a profound level. This work is a wonderful addition to one’s healing practice. I am a firm believer that with simple practice and skillful tools one can achieve great success in their healing journey.   


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