Sports Arbitrage Betting Part 1 – Low Risk Betting

Novice gamblers or sports betters that are new to the game may not have heard the term sports arbitrage betting or sports arbitrage trading. Sports arbitrage benefits the gambler primarily. With this type of betting, you take advantage of the difference between various bookmakers and their different opinions.

This is not a new term as professional gamblers have been using arbitrage way of betting for a long time in a wide range of markets, and sports arb betting is becoming increasingly popular as a means of making money through gambling with very little risk.

Why is there minimum risk with this kind of betting? The reason is that in arb betting, you gamble on a difference of odds between two or more bookmakers. In other words, sports bookmakers will have different opinions on who is or is not going to win a specific game.

You simply place bets on bookmakers with differing opinions, thus giving you a variety of odds, and you are likely to make a profit because you are betting on a guarantee one way or another. This is why arbitrage betting is considered a low risk gamble.

You never have to worry about whether different opinions will exist, because it is statistically impossible for bookmakers to have the same opinions, otherwise they would not make any money themselves. An ‘Arb’, is what the difference in odds for a specific event is, and this is where you place your bet.

The outcomes in sports betting are mathematical certainties because you are placing bets with two different opinions. In fact, with simple calculations, you will even know exactly how much you will win at the time you invest your money.


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