Brilliant Memory Tricks to Impress Your Friends!

A brilliant memory allows not only room for productivity to sky rocket, but also creates an opportunity for you to build your confidence and entertain your friends.

As for me, my friends and I do not see much, so when we do actually meet, I make it a point to ensure we have a good time together, and usually I do so by impressing them with some of my memory tricks.

One of the first I would perform to show off brilliant memory is mental math tricks. Truth is, solving math problems quickly does not require a long tedious operations. There are brilliant memory tricks to try to impress your friends more. For example, you can square any two digit number that ends with 5 quite simply. Say 25, take the firs number and multiply it to the next higher number, then add 25 to the result.

You can also perform memorization of 10 random things stated by your friends by using your excellent memory and the power of association. Ask your friend to state 10 and while he does so, link them in your mind in such an order where they relate to a particular number that ranges also from 1-10. Even have them right it down for a no contest!

Third is through visual memory. Take a picture or even the facade of the busy restaurant you are in. Have a sweeping look then close your eyes. Have your friends ask you questions about it and answer each perfectly! The key to make a brilliant visual memory performance is to soak in everything you see and focus well.


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