Math Worksheets Advantages and Resources

Today we all know that benefits of math are considerable. Math is not a subject one learns by reading the problems and solutions. American children have very little practice with multi-step problems, and very few opportunities to think their way in to and through problems that don’t look like ‘all the others’. With a packed curriculum and the increased emphasis on testing, our children are taught tons of procedures – but procedures disconnected from when to use them, and why. Sustained thinking – the key ingredient to math success – is painfully absent in too many math classes.

Let us discuss some tangible advantages of Mathematics in today’s world. One should also be aware of the wide importance of Mathematics, and the way in which it is advancing at a spectacular rate. Mathematics is about pattern and structure; it is about logical analysis, deduction, calculation within these patterns and structures. When patterns are found, often in widely different areas of science and technology, the mathematics of these patterns can be used to explain and control natural happenings and situations. Mathematics has a pervasive influence on our everyday lives, and contributes to the wealth of the individual.

Now that we know the benefits of mathematics what is needed to conquer this hard to tackle and arduous subject. Answer is quite simple actually, practice, a lot of practice from early childhood. But in order to perform any task or practice any task, one requires resources. Obtaining a resource is not difficult in today’s modern world but affordable resource is definitely a rare commodity. Today education is a sector which gets very little funding from the federal government.

A lot of you send your children to tutoring centers like Kumon, Huntington, Sylvan, Score and others. But do you really know what exactly do these tutoring centers provide your children? Resources – resources to practice via lots and lots of homework when it comes to Math. And lots and lots of math worksheets. So a lot of parents today end up spending hundreds of dollars every month for nothing but math worksheets. The math practice books and other practice materials can cost you arm and a leg. So where do you turn to find a cheaper alternative? Immediately you might think of the internet. If you search the internet, you will find hundreds and hundreds of websites that offer practice worksheets. But you will run in the same problem, cost-efficient and affordable worksheets.

A lot of the websites charge high dollar amount for these math worksheets. Considering your willingness to spend the high dollar, you run in to a new problem – the uniqueness of the material, a lot of websites offer sheets packed with identical problems leading the child to almost rote memorization of the problems and solution. This leads to deprivation of student and his/her ability to solve the problems logically. And some websites offer sheets in portable document format. And to open such sheets you are forced to download special software.


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