The McDonald’s Diet – How I Lost 14 Lbs in 30 Days Eating Nothing But McDonald’s

At first glance you might think this book is a publicity stunt run by McDonald’s,or at least an attempt by the chain to undo the harm caused by the Super Size Me movie.

It’s neither, and in fact McDonald’s were not involved in any way with the writing, marketing or even the idea behind the book. Even the burger on the cover is not a McDonald’s burger because they have very stringent copyright issues with regard to anything pertaining to their brand.

This is a book written by Mark Austin, a certified personal trainer and specialist in performance nutrition working out of his gym based in Switzerland.

Mark Austin specializes in rapid and sustainable weight loss based on an exercise and diet regime that he has perfected over 27 years in the health and fitness industry. The waiting list to join his gym says it all, and once you’re in, you need to pull your weight so to speak, or you are politely asked to leave, to make way for the next desperate client.

The motivation behind the book was an answer to all the excuses that Mark has been given by his clients over the years to prevent weight loss: Nothing else to eat at the restaurant…It was a special occasion…it was cooked specially for me…I didn’t want to offend the host…Didn’t have time…etc, etc.

He decided to write a book to show that even if you ate nothing but fast food for a month, you could still lose weight based on sensibly fulfilling your body’s nutritional needs and a three times a week exercise program.

How to use this book

My suggestion is that you read through it twice to understand the dynamics of weight loss based on nutritional needs and linked to a progressive exercise program. Study the exercise photographs and watch the video that accompanies almost all the exercises on the web site given.

The book is written in an engaging and easily understood conversational style, with all statements backed up by experts or research findings listed at the back. All non everyday terms are explained as they are used and followed up again with a glossary at the back.

Next, assuming that your doctor has cleared you for both a new diet and exercise regime, take the book to your nearest reputable gym and sign up or sign in. Follow the photographs of the exercises and write down your progress in the training table provided. On your way home, stop at a convenient McDonald’s and order your first meal for the next 30 days.

It’s better to do the exercise correctly at a lower weight than to strain your body with too heavy a weight used in the wrong way. If you are not ready for weights, you can begin at home doing the flexibility and mobility exercises. The instructions that label the photographs are very clear and give several variations of the exercise based on your fitness and flexibility. Once you are able to master an exercise with ease, it’s time to “progress” it to the next level. Need something easier? You can “regress” a level too.

Advantages of eating McDonald’s

The major advantage of basing the food to be eaten on a standardized source is that there can be no unconscious cheating. McDonald’s was the obvious choice because there are so many branches in every major city.

Dieting is traditionally associated with deprivation while “eating out” is associated with a treat. The major reason people eat out is for simplicity and convenience. Not having to buy, prepare and weigh “diet food” is already a time saver and a psychological boost.

If you’re ordering take outs from McDonald’s you can’t be on a diet, right? So that gets rid of all the well-meaning family, friends and colleagues who are waiting to tell you that you are going to fail, yet again. It tastes good and there’s plenty of variety. Each item on your diet has been assigned its calorie value so there are no calculations required.

Meals become something to look forward to rather than a test of your creativity with a limited number of low-fat options.


The McDonald’s Diet is a slim 225 page book (67 of those pages are made up of exercise photographs) that fits easily into a gym bag and a life. It is one of the very few books that I have seen that gives equal page space to both exercise and diet – the two components that are an integral part of any weight loss program.

It covers in a few pages the essential s of weight loss, pre and post work out nutrition and the reason why yo-yo dieting never works and is a hazard to your mental and physical health. The reason it can be so slim and affordable is that no space has been wasted on recipes – your meals are waiting for you at your earliest convenience. It is written for people who are serious about wanting to lose weight – without damaging their health. It retails on Amazon for $14.

So now it’s over to you.


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