Fast! How To Use Distraction To Last Longer In Bed

Is it possible to use distraction as a way of making yourself last longer? Yes it is, and I am going to show you how you can do it better than anyone else.

You have probably been in that situation when it gets really hot and heavy and you just need something that makes you last longer.

Now with the use of these distraction techniques you will be able to last longer without much work and even better, when she gets really aroused and starts moaning and that gets you close to the edge fast, you can use this technique to distract yourself and NOT prematurely ejaculate.

Use these distraction techniques to last longer.

The old distraction techniques used to go something like this, you are having sex with a woman and when you get very close to ejaculating you start doing math in your head or you start thinking about something strange in order to distract yourself and thereby last longer.

This is the wrong approach. There is a much better way of using distraction techniques that I am going to show you.

When you are having sex with a woman the fastest way to get yourself to prematurely ejaculate is by getting stuck in your own head.

That will make you ejaculate faster than anything else will. And no techniques that get you stuck in your head are good, so doing math or whatever may work in some weird circumstance but they aren’t the real deal.

The way to make sure that you don’t prematurely ejaculate when it gets really hot and heavy is to keep your concentration on something external.

The difference between a distraction technique that fails and makes you prematurely ejaculate is this. Bad distraction techniques get you to focus on something internal. They make you do math, they make you try to remember something that happened a long time ago.

A good distraction technique will make you focus on something external. Focus on the music in the background or focus on a picture when she isn’t looking. Look for everything that has the color blue in your room and count it. Keep your mind on external things like this and you will be properly distracted.

The reason this works is because it is very difficult to think of something like math in your head and not lose focus than it is to listen to the radio or listen to music or even watch the television.

Use these 3 distraction techniques to last longer.

#1. – Focus on her, either start talking to her to get yourself distracted or try looking her in her eyes and be 100% concentrated on how she feels. If this doesn’t work resort to technique number 2.

#2. – Focus on external things. Listen to the music in the background, watch the television, look for the color blue in your room and count all the blue stuff you have in your room.

#3. – Start early. Do not wait until the very last seconds to distract yourself. If you start too late the technique may not work. Also remember this, you do not want her to notice that you are distracted, do not make it obvious that you are counting all the blue things you have in your room. This will kill the mood.

The key distinction to make here is this, you don’t want to focus on internal processes that get you stuck in your head. You don’t want to do math or think about your grandma, you want to think about something external.

This is how you use distraction techniques properly.


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