Advantages and Disadvantages of Relying Solely on Horse Racing Software

The development of horse racing software has made it easier for most bettors to analyze prospective bets and wager only on prospects with higher possibilities of winning. By using the laws of probability, statistics and mathematical algorithms, these racing software are sophisticated means of gaining information so you can make more statistically accurate bets.

But not all are convinced that racing software is the be-all and end-all of all handicapping systems. If you’re thinking of purchasing one to further arm your handicapping arsenal, here are the pros and cons of horse software.


1. Horse races software are usually programmed with horse racing statistics, information and other details so you are assured of a wide library of information in which to base your wagers on.
2. It allows you to see trends of winning horses based on previous races, making it a methodical way of handicapping the races.
3. You are able to see the emergence of patterns that will give you the chance of making winning bets for future races.
4. It is literally available right at your fingertips. With just the click of a button, you are given information to guide you in making your wagers.


1. Most horse systems do not take such crucial information as changes to jockeys or the race conditions in consideration. These are important factors to consider when handicapping the races.
2. Your bet is only as good as the statistics or trends based on the horses’ previous performances. It does not take into consideration the present condition of the horses. Sometimes, the condition of racehorses at the time of the race is a much better gauge of a Thoroughbred’s performance in a particular competition.

racing software definitely makes handicapping easier. However, it should not be solely relied on as the only means of handicapping the races.


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