Is It Really Possible To Choose The Gender Of Your Un-Conceived Child?

In today’s society, many people want to have the option of choosing the gender of their yet to be conceived child, while others want to know the gender of the child once they’ve become pregnant. And in our fast paced world, many professionals prefer to have children later in life and would like the option of choosing the particular gender of choice. Take for example a woman I recently met who is an executive with one of the major cosmetic companies in the world. At age 34, she wanted to have a baby and so intentionally chose to be in a relationship primarily so that she could conceive. She had no desire to be married, but knew the clock was ticking and therefore it was important for her to have at least one child. Her only criterion was that she wanted it be a girl. But was it really possible to determine the gender of her child before it was conceived?

Choosing the Gender of An Un-conceived Child

Based on an exciting new algorithm, it is in fact possible to choose the gender of an un-conceived child and it’s also possible to determine the sex of a child once you’ve conceived, without an ultrasound. The executive woman I spoke about didn’t know if or how it was possible to conceive a girl, and with so many things written about choosing the gender, she was a little concerned about using various methods. In her search for a way to help choose the gender, she discovered that many of these strategies were not only costly, but many simply failed to deliver. Not until she was introduced to Genderclue, the amazing algorithm that is helping thousands of individuals select the gender of yet to be conceived children, as well as helping parents find out immediately upon becoming pregnant whether it’s a boy or a girl, did she find what she was looking for.

How Was Genderclue Conceived?

Genderclue came into being when I learned that my wife was going to have our first child. At the moment we heard the good news, family and friends began making predictions as to the gender of our baby. None of these were based on any scientific accuracy, but were only made as playful predictions. However, because we were curious, we began searching for information that would help us uncover the gender of our unborn child. Unfortunately, we spent lots of money before we realized that we didn’t learn anything of value. Receiving only pages with flimsy predictions, which by the way were incorrect, as a scientist at heart and an engineer by trade, I went it search of a genuine predictor.

Weeks of Relentless Searching

After weeks of persistent research, I uncovered something quite remarkable. What I

learned was that over 40 years ago, in my homeland of Romania, lived a doctor who had done some interesting research in the field of gender prediction, all with outstanding results. Unfortunately, the doctor literally disappeared and along with his disappearance went his notes, which were never found. But life, in its infinite wisdom was working with me when one of the doctor’s medical assistants appeared unexpectedly in my life. She shared with me a few insights about how the doctor helped her along with hundreds of other women uncover the gender of future children.

Computer Helps Turn Information into an Algorithm

Taking the information she provided to my computer, I was able to turn the information I gathered into an accurate algorithm. When it was time to predict the gender of my own unborn child, the newly created algorithm predicted a baby girl and the sonogram taken at the end of July 2006 confirmed it to be so. To further test the findings, the algorithm, now known as Genderclue Algorithm was tried on approximately 150 couples from the US and Europe before it was released. Genderclue’s algorithm calculations precisely predicted the gender of the child in every case.

How Genderclue Works

The process of how Genderclue works can be made clearer by a simple explanation. The Y and X chromosomes (male and female) for each person have certain variations, different from each of the two chromosomes. The cycle of the two chromosomes start at birth. Genderclue’s algorithm calculates the cycle for the Father and the Mother to be and compares the two cycles. The only input needed is the date of birth for the Father and Mother.

Only Two Small Limitations of Genderclue

The cycle characteristics are a trade secret, but to determine credibility, an example of a prediction chart, made for a new baby is demonstrated at the web site. There are only two limitations when it comes to predictions and the first is that it cannot predict the gender of twins. Plus, if a child is conceived through artificial insemination, the results will be altered. To alleviate any concern about accuracy for a single birth, a full refund is offered if the algorithm fails to predict the gender of the child.

So, for anyone interested in learning the gender of their yet to be conceived child, or for those who want to know the gender after becoming pregnant, Genderclue is a safe, affordable way to get the answer. Now for the first time ever, expectant parents can create a family exactly as they want it to be by choosing the gender of their unborn child.


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