Exercising Your Brain Can Be Fun

Keeping your brain young and alert is key to maintaining the ability to focus and retain mental clarity as we age. Just as we work to keep our bodies in top shape, we should also work to keep our minds working efficiently. One way to do this, is through the use of brain games that stimulate and use different areas of our mind. We can refer to this as brain fitness.

By improving our concentration skills, we not only sharpen our memory, we also increase our ability to make decisions and solve problems. If we play brain games, we can work different areas of our mind, and increase our brain’s overall performance. The harder the games we play, the greater the number of areas within our brain that we stimulate. Of course, it’s best to start out with simple games and work your way up. A Rubik’s cube is a good example of a game that works many areas of the brain at one time. This game can stimulate both spatial intelligence, also known as visual thinking, as well as visual memory.

Strategy games, such as Chess and Checkers, help to increase our intelligence and thinking skills. They help us to make plans more efficiently in our everyday lives. Games like Memory and Battleship increase our ability to retrieve stored information. We can use this skill to recall names and remember directions. All of these games are brain games as they force us to exercise and strengthen different areas of our mind, as well as increase our reaction time in the every day world.

Video games can be another fun way for children and adults to exercise their brain without knowing it. Games such as the Brain Age series, and Big Brain Academy help develop decision making skills. Brain Age allows children to solve math problems, play the classic Concentration game, recite piano songs, do word scrambles, and perform simple math tasks. There are also 100 Sudoku problems to solve in this game. Big Brain Academy offers hundreds of brain teasers to solve. Studies have shown that people who play mind stimulating video games, gain the ability to make decisions 85% faster than non-gamers. As well as being enjoyable to play, video brain games can help to improve hand-eye coordination skills.They also help us increase our memory and attention skills which can make us more productive in life.

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