How To Determine Safety Levels In A Preschool

If you are a parent considering taking your child to a preschool, then the safety of the child while at school is one of the things that can get you worried. Kids are naturally very curious and the curiosity can lead to unexpected dangerous situations. When looking for the best preschool for your child, it is of course important to consider the philosophy and teaching approaches as well as length of classes, but it is also equally important to check out the safety levels in the school so you can rest easy knowing your child remains safe.

To determine the real situation on the ground, it would be nice to personally visit the school and to actually ask safety related questions to see how ready and prepared the school is to keep your preschooler safe. Luckily, most play schools are well structured with the safety of children in mind, but you really cannot ignore double checking to confirm that all is well. But what areas should you concentrate on when looking at safety?

Staff – They are the people who will be handling your child directly in school and you therefore want to pay a little attention to them. A good school should hire qualified staff members and in ample numbers for that matter so they are able to supervise the children closely. Considering that accidents do occur even with all safety measures in place, you should also confirm that the staff at least are certified in first aid to handle and manage such situations fast.

Classrooms – How big are the classrooms in relation to the number of children they accommodate? Apart from being big enough, they should be arranged in such a way that every child has enough space and the teacher can see every pupil in the class easily. Also important to look at are the class furniture such as the chairs and tables. They should be designed with safety in mind so that things such as hits from sharp corners and falls from unsteady chairs and tables are minimized. Because most classes have play areas in them, look where this area is located and the state of the toys and other play items within it. There should not be any broken toy pieces or sharp items that could endanger the kids as they play. The toys should also be clean and the area free from any spills.

Playground – How high are the swings and slides? What safety features are in place in the playground and how are the play equipment put together? The height of slides and swings should be suitable enough for the preschoolers and there should not be any screws, nuts or bolts protruding dangerously on the equipment. If there are any elevated platforms, then they should have guardrails and soft landings for higher set play equipment. Every play item should be large enough to hold the kids regardless of their weight and height without dangers of getting stuck. A tall safety fence around the school is an important feature and all gates leading to areas such as the swimming pool should remain closed.


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