Are We All Creative Or Is That Just A Myth?

The answer is yes. Everyone is creative. But everyone is not created the same. There are many types of creativity.


If you have this type of creativity, you’re good at talking with people, discussing ideas, and building relationships with others. You like working with others to come up with solutions. Try inviting someone to work with you on the project so that you can unleash your creativity more easily.


Some people like to be alone. You may call them introverts or loners, but this type of person tends to like to brainstorm things alone. They like to journal, read, research and study research in order to get answers, but they prefer to do it alone. If you’re this type of person and you want to be creative try making a presentation for the problem so you can see it visually.


You love to play sports and/or move as much as possible doing things like walking, biking, skating, and swimming. You tend to notice people’s body language more than others. This is all very creative. If you want to find your creative nature, work within your type and get creative with movement by taking dance lessons.


If you like to tell stories, write papers, and don’t find it hard to converse with your colleagues or others, you may be this type of creative person. You might consider using that creativity to write more in a free-flowing way. For example, try writing it all down first, then going back and editing instead of editing as you write.


This type of creative person tends to be more logical but that doesn’t mean you’re not creative. You like math, you like outlines, and you like balancing your checkbook. Knowing this, find ways to enhance your creativity by doing fun exercises with numbers, patterns, and music.


If you find that you enjoy rhythms and different types of instruments, and even like to play one yourself, you are likely creative musically. For this type it’s easy to see the creativity because that’s what most of us think of when we think of the word creative. For the musical person who wants to be more creative, sing more, listen to music more, and try your hand at writing lyrics and music.


This type of creative personality likes to garden, be outside, take nature photos and more as long as it’s with nature. For the nature lover, unleashing their creativity can be as simple as ensuring your desk is in front of the window and you have a good view. Plus, always get more sunlight. Stuck for an idea? Go for a nice walk barefoot in the grass.


A person who is good at thinking three-dimensionally is often considered to be spatially creative. If you’re good with drawing, painting, making web pages, creating logos and that type of thing, it’s likely you are a spatial person. T


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