Mathematical La Grange Point Movements in a La Grange Equilibrium Area

Most of us know what a La Grange point is when it comes to celestial bodies. Of course, a La Grange point is a theorized point in space based on the mathematics used, but I would submit to you that such a point, even if it is just the size of a pinhead bounces around quite a bit. Consider if you will the La Grange point between the Earth and the sun. That La Grange point is following an inner track with the Earth’s orbit. At any given nanosecond that point is moving in space.

Consider if you will the La Grange equilibrium area. This is the area where you could put an asteroid, an orbiting space station, and it would just sit there being pulled in both directions by the Earth and Sun, and it would move along with u. Its flight path might look very rational and steady, but the actual pinhead point of the mathematics would change so drastically, and so abruptly on a 3-D graph it would be very hard to make any sense of, the vibrational movements should be studied more. Sure, there will be periodic frequencies of movement, but they wouldn’t last very long, they’d always be changing.

Consider if you will that the sun puts out solar flares which distort the gravity field, and the reality that the Earth is not a perfect sphere and gravity is not equally distributed. Further, consider that the moon has a gravitational effect on the point depending on its position in relation to the La Grange point between the Earth and the Sun at L1. Now then I like to talk about three interesting mathematical phenomenon when it comes to L1 and the bouncing around of that La Grange point based on nanosecond increments.

1. Potential Random Sequence Generator

2. Mostly in One Direction – What Ratio?

3. Quantifying a 4-D Derivative Flow

First, would that be a great potential random sequence generator? Giving us all sorts of numbers which would appear so random? Even if we didn’t use that we might use the model for a mathematical random sequence generator. Consider also that there will be times within the nanosecond time increments where the La Grange point actually goes backwards to the direction of the orbit of the earth, this is because the earth itself does not have a perfect gravity distribution.

Finally, once we are able to quantify all this and considering the 3-D space plus time we could have a very nice 4D derivative flow which could give us some very interesting insight into quantum mechanics even at the atomic scale. All that I ask is that you please conceptualize this in your mind and think about it in mathematical terms because if you can figure all this out you will definitely be onto something, and I’d love to hear that their you come up with once you do.


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