Finding Success – There Is No Perfect Answer

“Three easy steps!”

“This is the secret that will help you achieve… !”

“Discover today the one thing I can show you just how to succeed!”

This is all just garbage. Your life is like mathematics. It’s not some magical formula that just, “BOOM”, everything happens the way that you think it should!

It’s a simple mathematical formula. What you put in will mandate what comes out.

When we take our lives and we look at them, we sometimes think there’s some sort of magical solution, you know, quick fix – some ‘Secret Sauce’ that will make life turn out the way that we think it should. That’s just not the case.

The reality is this… the reality is simple, life is like math. What you add in the right order, in the right amount, and then given the right multiplication, subtraction, addition, division – these are what will give you the outcome of your life.

In fact, when you create the right equation and you put in the right ingredients, you’re gonna have the same results.

You don’t have to sit there and try to reinvent the wheel. What you have to do is simply study your mistakes and find the pattern.

Find the pattern and then adjust it to give you the result that you’re looking for. Then simply repeat that pattern.

You don’t have to just rely on your own mistakes, that takes far too long. There are people that have spent their lifetimes making the wrong choices so that they could find the pattern that worked.

Their new patterns got them the result that you’re looking for already. So wouldn’t it make sense to make your best effort to find the people we’ve already found success and simply pattern your life after what they’ve already developed?(I say pattern because you can never copy someone and get their exact results.)

Find a pattern and introduce that into your life. Make micro-adjustments that are to you specifically and then you too can also experience those same benefits.

You, yourself, are in control of what you put into your life’s equation.

So choose today what you’re going to add in,…

What you’re going to take away,…

And what you will choose to multiply in your life today!


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