Math Magician Super trick to surprise your friend

math magician trick

Math Magician Trick

Select a number from 1 to 70

Divide it by 7. (Use a calculator. You’ll need one that has at least seven decimal places.)

If your total is a whole number  divide the answer by 7 again.

Check is there a 1 somewhere after the decimal point..

I predict that the number after the 1 is 4. Is it  right?

Now add up the first six digits after the decimal point.

Your answer is 27.Yes Thats right.


How do I do it?

The six fractions 1/7 to 6/7 have the same repeating sequence of six numbers after the decimal point, each fraction starting with a different number in the sequence 142857. Think of these numbers as in a circle (Diagram A), and going around that circle forever.

The first number after the decimal point in the decimal version of 1/7 is 1 (.142857); of 2/7, 2 (.285714); of 3/7, 4 (.428571); of 4/7, 5 (.571428); of 5/7, 7 (.714285); and of 6/7, 8 (.857142). Adding 1, 4, 2, 8, 5 and 7, you always get 27.


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