Subtracting any number by 1,000

Subtracting any number by 1000 is easy. If you use a traditional method ,this will become a time consuming process. But this article show you how to subtract any number by 1000 with your mind

The trick is Subtract all numbers except the last from 9 and subtract the final number from 10.You need to make You can understand this with a simple example.

Suppose you need to subtract 345 by 1000

Step one = 9-5 = 4
Step two = 9-4 = 5
Step three = 10-5 = 5

So answer is 445.

Lets have a another example with two digit.number.Suppose you need to subtract 36 by 1000.
For resolve this we need to make it as a three digit number.
So lets write it as 036

Step one = 9-0=9
Step two = 9-3=6
Step three =10-6=4

Answer is 964.
So you can use your mind to Subtract any number by 1,000


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