Multiply any number by five quickly

There is a easy math trick to find the correct answer to multiply any number by five.You need to use two ways to get the answer. One is for odd numbers and another method for even numbers.

Steps to Even number

  • Get the number you need to multiply by 5.
  • Take the half value of it
  • Add zero as a last digit and get the answer

Steps to Odd number

Subtract one from the number you are going to multiply by 5

Halve the number

Write this with 5 as last digit

So lets go for a example…

Example for even number :

Example 32 *5

half value of 32 is = 16

Add zero as a last digit =160

Answer is 160

Example for odd number :

Example 421 *5

Subtract one from 421=420

Halve the number = 210

Write this with 5 as last digit =2105

It is very easy to understand and all can do this with mind.Get practiced and show your colors.


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