How to get know we can divide it exactly in a second

Some times you will have to divide some numbers and have a result quickly. But when we start the division we may have to check that will it can divide. So this article we are going to tell you the extract way to check a number can be evenly divided by certain numbers.

Number 0
If the number ends with zero.You can divide by zero

Number 2
If the number ends with 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 we can divide by number two

Number 3
You need to check the addition of digits. If that divisible by 3 then we can divide the number by 3.As a example suppose you need to check 45342.Yes it can divide, the sum of the digits is 18, and 18 is divisible by 3.or you can check 18 and its sum 9 can divide by 3.

Number 4
If the last two digit is “00” it is divisible by 4.and if the last two digit can divide by 4 its total number can divide by 4.As a example 345334500 can divide by number four. because its last digits are “00” . Can 99844548 divisible by 4. Yes that can divide by 4 because we can divide last two digits by 4

Number 5
If the last digit ends with zero or if it ends number 5 its easily divisible by number 5.

Number 6
First you need to check the number is even.Its simple . If its a even number you can add the digits. If that answer is divisible by 3 it can divide by 6. As a example lets check the number 23496 is divisible by 6?yes it is.Digit count is 24. it can further divide after count the digits. 2+4=6. So this 23496 can divide by six.

Number 7
You need to take last digit of the number and
multiply by 2. Then subtract the answer from the remaining digits. can you evenly divide this number by 7? If your answer is yes, the number is evenly divisible by Seven.

Lets check 378
Get the last digit : 8
Multiply by 2 = 16
Remaining Digits =37
Minus the answer 37-16=21

Number 21 can evenly divisible by 7, and 378 can evenly divisible by 7.

Number 8
If the last three digits equal “000” or last three digit number can divide by 8,this can divide by number 8.

try 234239000
Its last digits are 000. So 234239000 can divide by 8.
try 5458655545160
Its last 3 digit number is 160 and it can divide by 8.
So 5458655545160 can divide by 8

Number 9
You can take the sum of the digits. If that count is divisible by nine that number can divide by 9. As a example check 498825 .Sum of the digits is 36. So 498825 is divisible by nine.


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