Adding two large numbers in a second.

Adding large numbers with your mind is not always easy. So this article shows how to add large numbers easily in your mind.

Think you need to add 567 to 424. Seems its hard when we look at it in first. But if you can rounding them up its more manageable and we need to round it with addition. So 567 becomes 570 and 424 becomes 430.

Next step is to add 570 and 420. So that total is 990. This is not the answer. To find the correct answer we need to check how much we added to round up.

According to the example we have added 567 +3 and 424 +6 . So added 6+3=9 . To find the answer to the original equation, 9 must be subtracted from the 990.

So we can get the answer 990-9=881

If you practice this , I think we can do it easily with our mind.

Here a another fast calculation example

Example: add 457 with 227

Round with addition 457 +3=460 , 227+3=230


Subtract= 3+3=6

Answer =690-6



Adding two large numbers


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