What is Integer?

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What is Integer?

It is simply whole numbers. This is positive negative and zero.We can say its a number which is not a fraction too.
So for the example, all  you need to know is
Integers examples are
  • 1,3,6,21,445,1089
  • -1,-345,-4556,-55435
  • 0
Numbers that are not integers : -1.22, 3 5/14, 4.14, .11 ,3.34567
We can show these integers on number line and the direction with the arrows.We can use number line to simply compare the integers.
So according to the below example we can say -3 is lower than 4.
Integer comparing
Compare integers


We can round the integers
Real numbers can be converted to integers by rounding. So we can  remove the decimal digits and we can adjust the result to the nearest integer to the original number.As a example 2.73 – We can round this to 36.12 – We can round this to 6

Integers are one of simple thing to know. But it is must because its all about basic mathematics.


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