Multiply by 9 with fingers

multiply by 9

maths trick to multiply by 9

We can easily multiply by number 9 in different ways.We are expect to describe those all methods through But today we are going to describe you how to multiply by 9 using your fingers. This is a easiest way to practice number 9 multiplication table.

So use below steps :

  • Take your two hands in front of you.
  • From Left to right ,number the fingers according to the picture.
  • Then Fold the finger which value you want to multiply nine times
    Now you can reach to the answer.

Fingers remaining unfolded in your left side will be the tens.
The fingers remaining unfolded in right will be the units

So you can find the answer easily.

Lets try it with an example

Suppose you need to multiply 9 by 4

So fold the finger number 4

Unfolded Left side fingers = 7
Unfolded right side fingers = 2

You can get a good idea with the example.To clear it more lets go for the image example below.

math magician
multiply by number 9

This is very easy than remembering the table. If you practiced this for 30 second ,you can do this with your mind.


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