Interesting number patterns in maths

We can see patterns in every where.Today we are going to show some Mathematical patterns . Its really interesting for a mathematics lover . Some times these patterns may help you to solve the math problems easily. So check these below patterns . Hope you will enjoy with these mathematical patterns.

1) Take number 1 and multiply by 11. then take  11 by 11, then 111 by 111.Likewise you can go forward.If you use a calculator and write the answers,you will see a nice pattern . See it below

2) take number 1 . multiply by 9 and add 2
take number 12 .multiply by 9 and add 3

this is the calculation pattern and look at the number pattern returns.

3) Use number nine to see a pattern. Use number nine numbers and multiply by 2 gradually.See the mathematics magic here

4) you can see number 8 pyramid with below can use below numbers 9, 98, 987  multiplied by 9 and adding 7, 6, 5 etc. Have a look at its pattern.

5)Use number 17 multiplication with number 65359477124183. Number 65359477124183 makes amazing pattern with the multiples of 17.

You can find more interesting number patterns in maths .We will show you those step by steps.So be with us for more mathsmagics.


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