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Two math magician trick to read mind

These are two simple math magic tricks to surprise the people. Answer 5 magic Think of any  number. Double that number. Add 10 to the answer. Divide the answer by 2. Subtract your original number from the answer. Amazing !!! Your answer is 5! This happen always. So you can check it with the example....

Quick Calculation

Pre Wedding Rituals in Malayalam Matrimony

Earlier marriage brokers visited houses where the family members were in search of a bride or groom for their son or daughter. During the visit, brokers try to understand the requirements of the girl or…

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Quick Calculation
multiply by 9

Multiply by 9 with fingers

We can easily multiply by number 9 in different ways.We are expect to describe those all methods through mathsmagics.com. But today we are going to describe you how to multiply by 9 using your fingers. This is a easiest way to practice number 9 multiplication table. So use below steps : Take your two hands...

Basic Maths

What is Integer?

What is Integer? It is simply whole numbers. This is positive negative and zero.We can say its a number which is not a fraction too. So for the example, all  you…

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